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DistanceDesigns Graphics Services
[Image: y72hlFy.png]

Welcome To My Graphics Services Thread

**I only do 2D Designs**
**Fill out the whole forum or I will skip you**

Quote:Text -
Text Color -
Design Type (Signature, BG, etc.) -
Dimensions -
Font -
**Extra Designs** -

Thanks for looking at my gfx services thread, have a nice day
[Image: ncwFNnM.png]
I'll sticky your thread also Smile
Toxique -

[Image: eyb2N4Y.png]
[Image: ncwFNnM.png]
Text - Emulsifiable
Text Color - Blue (GMOD Color)
Design Type (Signature, BG, etc.) - Signature
Dimensions - Whatever you recommend for a signature.
Font - Same font you used in Tox's
**Extra Designs** - None
[Image: VTTEBfm.png?1]
I don't know if this is what you wanted but...

[Image: SUENqY6.png]
[Image: ncwFNnM.png]
Looks great! Thank you Smile
[Image: VTTEBfm.png?1]
Text - Stealth
Text Color - Blue
Design Type (Signature, BG, etc.) - Signature
Dimensions - 400x100
Font - Myriad Pro, Arial
**Extra Designs** - Animate It!
[Image: VTTEBfm.png?1]
Text - TheDerpKing
Text Color - Skyblue
Design Type (Signature, BG, etc.) - Signature
Dimensions - 400x400
Font - Minecraft(ish) Type Font
**Extra Designs** - Troll Face Image on the Right side of it.
shop is closed bby's

toxique is love toxique is life, toxique is poison!
[Image: ncwFNnM.png]
/Closed since the shop is no longer open.

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