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Free YouTube BackGrounds
I Will make anyone a free YouTube background FREE with there name and some other text can be anything please post a reply for this like:

YouTube Channel Link:
YouTube Name:
Colour of Effects:
Colour of Text:
Extra Text: (On the other side)
Images: (Optional)
Extra Info: (Optional)
Font: (Please provide a download link in-case I don't have it)

You must thank the topic in order to receive your Background
If you liked your background please sub to MrCreaper69

My Work?

[Image: aStqk.jpg]

[Image: IP3Vb.jpg]

[Image: KpW59.png]

More coming Soon
[Image: 90MDr.png]
can you make me the same one as in the picture but make the text say ProTechModz, Thanks
Im on it Smile 10 mins Smile
Whats your YouTube Name?
[Image: 90MDr.png]
ProTechModz is the name (it's the site youtube)
Oh ok Smile Thanks
Here is your background comes with the logo in the post too...
[Image: 90MDr.png]
YouTube Channel Link:
YouTube Name: BamRty
Colour of Effects: black and red
Colour of Text: black and red
Extra Text: Underrated 2K Editor and Insane Swag
Images: [b]and and and http://ronehothiphopdetroit.files.wordpr...egnant.jpg
Extra Info: Please and thank you.
I'm on it bro. Ill get back to you.
[Image: 90MDr.png]
wel this hasnt been posted on for a while
[Image: 7.gif]

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