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Supreme Ruler 2020 U.S. Crisis Mod
Supreme Ruler 2020: U.S. Crisis

The United States has splintered into multiple factions. The United States still exists, but only controls the East Coast and Alaska.

New Factions:
The Midwest Union -Most of the Midwest
Cascadia- northwestern states
Sioux nation -north middle states
South West Coalition. - southwest states other than Texas
Puerto Rico

New Units:
Combat Hawk- Fictional Troop transport with advanced Electronic warfare measures.(modernized version of a Combat talon with greater capacity)
MQ-9 reaper- variation of the predator drone with more advanced weapon capabilities

Download Attachment for the Mod

* U.S. Crisis posted with permission from Fistalis. Updated versions may be posted on his site.

[Image: 5.gif]

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