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Supreme Ruler Cold War Modern World Mod
Supreme Ruler Cold War: Modern World

Feature Highlights:
- Redone Map file including the Chunnel and Oresund Bridge
- New Leader Images for almost every Current world leader
- Playable rebel factions - Play as the Free Syrian Army, FARC or others
- New Unit models - Infantry units have varying camo styles based on what their nation uses currently
- New terrain textures - Swamps and Grassland textures have been redone
- Manually control Bonds - Issue and payback bonds instead of relying on your minister
- Sr2020 satellite system - Launch recon, communications and defense sats
- New units - recently added prototype units which are still in development in the real world are added for research
- Top Importers/exporters menu - See which country is exporting, importing, Producing and consuming the most of a particular resource
- Many other modifications and tweaks

Download Attachment for the Mod

* U.S. Crisis posted with permission from Fistalis.

[Image: 5.gif]
that file dont work anymore
[Image: gf947PF.png]
(01-22-2020, 02:31 PM)Mastersly Wrote: that file dont work anymore

Are you getting errors? Any other issue? Let me know and I'll see what I can fix.
I cant download Attached Files

*now I can, problem solved
Thanks for the files

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