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Are you introvert or extrovert?
I tend to be more introverted as I am someone who is cool with sitting in the corner by myself while reading a good book. I'm not stuck up or anything. I normally like to read as opposed to going around the room and talking to everyone.
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Introvert. I like peace and quiet.
“monsters are real and ghosts are real too. they live inside us and sometimes they win”

Stephen King.

“In my end is my beginning”

Mary Queen of Scots,

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I am mostly an introvert, but when I need to for work or other purposes I can turn on the extrovert. I don't like it, but I'm capable. Tongue

So, I guess I'm still an introvert.
"antisocial extrovert" -Kendrick Lamar
I guess an introvert. I don't interact with different people everyday or 2, and sometimes prefer staying at home rather than partying.
I am more on the introvert side of a personality Smile
I don't talk too much.

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