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What languages can you speak?
I speak English and a little bit of French.
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I speak mainly English but I can say hello and a few other words in French even though I studied it for 3 years xD
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I speak both English and Spanglish. I am able to hold a conversation with a Spanish person if they know basic English but besides that, my main would be English.
I speak Portuguese (my native language), English and a strange Spanish. And I can understand French, but that doesn't count.
German and Englisch heir!

I know two languages, German and English. Both are fun and easy languages to learn in my opinion, then again, it is rumored I have German blood, but we can not find proof and I don't want to pay for a blood test.

Fluent in English (speaking, reading & understanding) and Bengali (Only basic speaking and understanding)
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Creds go to Aeon!
What languages can you speak and how well can you speak them? I only speak English fluently but I can read and speak a little bit of French, but it’s pretty broken. And I can write some Mandarin but I’m trying to learn more (and how to improve my pronunciation).
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I have very little French, and I can read (sorta) Hangul (Korean script) to at least pronounce the words even if I don't know what they mean.

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