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CHILL - Recruitment Open!
[Image: b7smWou.jpg]

CHILL is a group of mature, respectful users who engage in high quality posting and are helpful around the forum, while also just chilling and having a good time..

This group is still under construction, as I'm building up a name for myself here on DH.
Recruitment will be open fairly soon, but until then I'll be inviting members who I deem fit to be in the group.

Status as of right now: Accepting Applications

[Image: l8gVjhp.jpg]
Subforum icon:
[Image: 7S8Bvpc.jpg]

CHILL... is now open for recruitment.

Let's make this clear right now though, I accept who I want.
I do not have to give reason for why you don't make it, if that's the case.
If I deny your request and you complain/pester me, you will be blacklisted from ever joining.

[b][color=#6699B4]Name you prefer to go by:[/color][/b] answer here.
[b][color=#6699B4]Location (or timezone):[/color][/b] answer here.
[b][color=#6699B4]Describe yourself briefly[/color][/b] answer here.
[b][color=#6699B4]Why you would like to join CHILL:[/color][/b] answer here.
Please fill this out properly. Leave the questions are they are and only change where it says "answer here."
Good luck to you all.
Sounds like an interesting group! Can't wait to see all of the people joining it to chill out on DH
Will this be up yet? it has been a while. Just wanted to know what the status is on this group. =D
[Image: p87zd3A.png]

Creds go to Aeon!
Seems interesting.

I'll be checking in Big Grin
(05-03-2014, 07:55 AM)Mikaya Wrote: Will this be up yet? it has been a while. Just wanted to know what the status is on this group. =D
The status is still under construction (: I have had a lot going on irl and am making sure I'll have free time quite often before I open it up!

(05-03-2014, 08:48 PM)Insanity Wrote: Seems interesting.

I'll be checking in :D
Sounds good (:
[Image: VF2r81A.png]
Interesting group! I'll be looking forward to it's arrival.
Look like a cool group GL OP
Lol some staff randomly closed this thread without warning/reason.
I'd appreciate that not happening again >__>

But thank you to those who have posted (: recruitment should be up either tomorrow (May 5th) a bit later in the evening (it's currently 10:22PM here).
If not, most likely Wednesday or Thursday of this week.
Thank you everyone for your patience (:
[Image: VF2r81A.png]
Seems like it's here. Update your thread.
(05-05-2014, 08:57 AM)Odin Wrote: Seems like it's here. Update your thread.
Uh, what?
I'll update my thread when I see fit and when it's actually open for recruitment.
[Image: VF2r81A.png]

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