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What Program Do You Use For Web Coding?
I'm interested in hearing the different programs others use for web coding.
I personally use Notepad++ which fits perfect for my web development.
I like the fact it has the syntax for a lot of languages built in, very convenient.

What do you guys use and why?
I mainly use notepad++ but when I'm feeling lazy, Ill use dreamweaver Smile
Serif Weblus X5
Last time I used Metapad. It is easy-to-use. I switched to Notepad++ because it have more and better plugins. However, I still like to easy user-interfere which Metapad provide.
Lately I have come to use Brackets for HTML / CSS and Sublime for PHP.

Brackets just has that awesome life-preview where you see how your website will look and I am loving it.
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I found atom the best of them all
(08-10-2020, 06:20 AM)randomvodkalover Wrote: I found atom the best of them all

Most professional full-stack engineers I know use VS Code. The rest use Atom.

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