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Welcome to Aeowulf
[Image: wolf.png]
Welcome to Aeowulf
Aeowulf is a community with a wide range of interests. The concentration of efforts in building the community is in the Gaming and Technologies sectors. We've already released game guides, game mods, and even a plugin for the MyBB Forum Software. This is just the beginning. That concentration doesn't mean that's all there is. We have sections for Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and the catch-all General Discussion forums. Whatever it is, we're your new home.

The founder of Aeowulf has ran multiple forums over the last decade, but life came calling and the communities were never the same. Over the last couple of years, there's been a desire to start over and do it differently. Aeowulf is the result. Aeowulf is the central point for everything he does and will do. From creating game mods, tweaking software, or reviewing games and movies, it will all find a home at the Aeowulf forums. That diversity of options is extended to all members, and we hope to become your new home for everything you.

The diversity of options is why Aeowulf is different this time, and why it will remain. There is no more focus on a singular topic. As society changes, as Aeowulf changes, as the member-base changes... Aeowulf is flexible and will find a new home for those changes. For example: The member-base finds a massive common interest in basket weaving... a basket weaving section will be added. AI explodes and graphics are no longer needed to be made by humans... the graphics section will contract into a single forum. These are just examples, but show the way forward. The members will help shape the community, and the community will be stronger for it.

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