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Graphic Packages?
[USER=303]@BoundlessMotion[/USER] [USER=6]@sage[/USER]

Does anyone have a zip files of some graphical stuff for graphic designers. Like particles, transparent images etc. to make like forum signatures, etc. I can't think of the names for all of it, but it's just your generic stuff for making signatures. All my old graphic design stuff is on my old computer, so I'm trying to get more stuff. If you have any files if you could ZIP them and share it here, that'd be sweet!
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I don't have any on this computer either, but I think maybe some of the words you were looking for might be templates, textures and brushes?
Plus cg's and renders, right?

I don't have any on my computer. I think I deleted all mine so that I can just collect new ones when I need them.
I might still have my old ones on my laptop though. I have to check.
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Never Forget
Ah, You came to the right person. I stand as a amateur at graphics designer however I am getting better.
As you wished, I can create a Graphics Pack w/ Brush tools, Patterns, Text Styles to Layers and More!
I will include a Video Editing Pack if you wish. However I will be uploading these when I'm available and Free to do so.
Obviously, as a warning, these will be large files [100 MB - 1.5 GB] and I do have 0.33 Upload speeds so... Yeah, It's gonna be time consuming.
I can create a tutorial with these if you want, I can show you how to apply colour corrections to your videos and such, Photoshop CS5/CS6 even!
In these Graphics Packs I will also include a template and dimensions if you wish w/ Rulers and such to guide you but I doubt you guys need it.
I will also include Free Banners & Free Avatars/Icons. Social icons for your needs as well as many other things.

Things I will include in these packs are:
- Colour/Color Correction
- Smoke Still Image + MP4
- Concept Logos
- Particles
- Textures
- Layer Styles + Text Styles
- Flares [Lens Flares]
- Brushes
- Gradients
- Patterns
- Templates for e.g Twitter, Banner etc. [Dimensions + Rulers = Clean Fresh Template]
- Social Icons
- C4D [Cinema 4D]
- Stocks
- Lightrooms [Cinema 4D]
- Material Packs [Cinema 4D]
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[USER=303]@BoundlessMotion[/USER] if you could provide those in a pack, that'd be absolutely amazing Big Grin
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Xyphien Here:
WARNING: Some files have been removed for a Deduction in file size [Patterns & FREE Wallpapers - 400+ MB]
My apologies for these files that have been removed however I did include 5 Free Logos/Avatars & 1 Free Simple Clean Youtube Banner
Do keep in mind this is ONLY a GRAPHICS PACK. - File Size = 474.48 MB
[Image: 4IUVoBF.png]

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